Smash Boom Best is back on June 6th! In 16 new episodes, our debaters tackle epic match-ups like chocolate versus cheese! Aliens versus robots! And unicorns versus dragons!

This season, we have a challenge for you: If 150 people make a donation to support the show by June 30th, we’ll make a bonus episode featuring host Molly Bloom as a debater for the first time ever! Everyone who donates will receive a link to listen.

Plus, donating automatically makes you a member of our brand new Debate Club. We have Debate Club pins, t-shirts, a card game and more as thank-you gifts. You can even get a special recording made just for you, by Molly and some of our all-star debaters. Click here to donate and join.

Season 2 features a star-studded line-up of debaters, including Story Pirates’ Lee Overtree and Peter McNerney, the Splendid Table’s Francis Lam, and NPR’s Sam Sanders. And all of the debates are judged by listeners like you.

So who will be crowned the smash boom best? Find out June 6th when our season kicks off with two new debate battles.