Hi Smash Boom Besties! We are hard at work on the new season of Smash Boom Best and we will be back with new debates SOON! But in the meantime we wanted to tell you about our other show Forever Ago - which returns this week for a brand new season!

Forever Ago is hosted by Smash Boom Best all star debater - Joy Dolo - who you may remember from Ghosts vs. Zombies, Coral Reefs vs. Rainforests, or Mermaids vs. Bigfoot!

On Forever Ago - Joy and the team dig into the surprising and fascinating history of things we think are ordinary but they’re not - like video games, baths, and more. We think you’ll really like it and we have the newest episode to share with you that’s all about Ice Cream Flavors.

We’ll be back in your feed soon with the exciting news on the release date for the new season of Smash Boom Best!

We’re looking for time capsule submissions to feature on Forever Ago! You can submit yours here: foreverago.org/contact