Smash Boom Best is back on Thursday, February 1st with 16 new epic episodes! And we’re kicking it all off with our 100th episode!

We've got a whole new pile of exciting matches coming up such as Hippopotamus vs. Dragonfly, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. My Little Pony and Pegasus vs. Centaur.

Which sides do YOU think will come out on top? There’s only one way to find out! Tune in on February 1st for the first of 16 new sizzling smackdowns.

See you soon, smash boom besties!

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MOLLY BLOOM: Hi, it's Molly Bloom, host of Smash Boom Best, and I have an exciting announcement to share. Smash Boom Best will be back with a whole new season this February 1st, and we're kicking it all off with our 100th episode.

Can you believe we've made 99 episodes so far? And we've got a whole new pile of exciting matches coming up in the new season, such as hippopotamus versus dragonfly, pogo stick versus unicycle, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles versus My Little Pony--

MAN: Yeah, dude.

BOY: Never fear!

MOLLY BLOOM: --and Pegasus versus centaur.


I'm definitely going to have to limber up for all of this juicy content, and what better way to limber up than a montage? Before we dive in, let's review the rules of the game.

ANNA WEGGEL: Faster, Molly.

MOLLY BLOOM: Sorry, producer Anna Weggel. Every debate consists of four rounds of argumentation, the Declaration of Greatness, the Micro Round, the Sneak Attack, and the Final Six.


MOLLY BLOOM: After each round, our judge will award points to the team that impresses them the most.

ANNA WEGGEL: You've got to go faster than that!

MOLLY BLOOM: But they'll keep their decisions top secret until the end of the debate. Whew.

ANNA WEGGEL: Better. Now watch out for incoming logical fallacies.


Look out! It's a circular argument!



ANNA WEGGEL: Oh, no, a slippery slope.

MOLLY BLOOM: Not today!


ANNA WEGGEL: [GASPS] A red herring.

MOLLY BLOOM: Get out of here, bad debate techniques.

ANNA WEGGEL: Quick, Molly, which do you like better, sand or grass?

MOLLY BLOOM: Um, um, um, both are great.


ANNA WEGGEL: No! Blobfish or naked mole rats?

MOLLY BLOOM: Um, neither?


ANNA WEGGEL: Incorrect. Soup or sandwiches?

MOLLY BLOOM: Don't make me choose!


ANNA WEGGEL: Fine, but only because you're the host. Now wrap it up, pup.

MOLLY BLOOM: OK, which sides do you think will come out on top? There's only one way to find out. Tune in on February 1 for the first of 16 new sizzling smackdowns. See you soon, Smash Boom besties.


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