Brains On host Molly Bloom needs a haircut! The only problem is we don’t know what kind of cut she should get. Molly wants something simple, while producers Marc Sanchez and Sanden Totten think she should get a mullet or mohawk! And at Brains On HQ there's only one way to settle a dispute: with a Sneak Attack! Grab your Smarty Pass for this hair raising game!

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In this month's bonus episode, I'm getting a haircut, and producers Marc Sanchez and Sanden Totten have differing opinions on what I should look like.

SANDEN TOTTEN: OK. So Molly, what kind of haircut were you thinking?

MOLLY BLOOM: Just something easy-peasy. I don't want to do anything drastic.

SANDEN TOTTEN: Oh! You should get a mohawk.


SANDEN TOTTEN: Yeah. A mohawk! You cut everything off the sides and have just a cool line of hair going down your head. You'll look like a rock star. People will go, oh my gosh. Is that Molly Bloom? And you'll be like, of course it is. Who else looks this good?

MOLLY BLOOM: I don't know about that, Sanden.

MARC SANCHEZ: Yeah. She's right, Sanden. She should totally get a mullet.


MARC SANCHEZ: You know, short hair on the front and both sides but long in the back. The mullet is powerful, mysterious, and chic. People will see you walking down the street and go, is that retired NBA superstar Larry Bird?

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