When Sanden and Ruby show up at Molly’s Valentine’s Day-themed breakfast party, they fall head-over-heels in love with objects in the photo booth prop box! Can a sneak attack save the day?

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MAN: Oh, sunglasses. How shady you are, shading my very soul from the ravages of the sun's harsh rays.


MAN: Shall I wear thee on my head or on the bridge of my nose? So many places for me to hold you, my sunglasses.

WOMAN 2: Never fear. I'm putting you on, sweet suspenders.

MOLLY BLOOM: OK. Sorry, Smarty pals. I think our friends have fallen in love with some awesome items in the photo booth prop box.

CUPID: It was me, Cupid, known for slinging my arrows and making people fall in love. But today, I thought I'd lean into my trickster side and make your friends fall in love with clothes. [LAUGHS]

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