Breakfast, it's the meal of champions. But producer Ruby Guthrie thinks champions should eat toast while producer Anna Weggel believes they should eat cereal. Lucky for these two Brains On host Molly Bloom has the tastiest of ways to settle this dispute.

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In this month's bonus game, producers Ruby Guthrie and Anna Weggle have a breakfast battle sneak attack. Who will win, cereal or toast?

Now the only thing we have to eat is cereal and toast which is fine because that's the best breakfast anyway. Ruby, pass me a bowl.

RUBY GUTHRIE: Anna, you mean a plate?

ANNA WEGGLE: Uh, no, how am I going to eat cereal off a plate?

RUBY GUTHRIE: You wouldn't eat cereal off of a plate. You'd eat toast.

ANNA WEGGLE: Toast? Toast? I wouldn't eat your barbecued loaf if it were the last food on earth.

RUBY GUTHIER: [GASPS] Are you kidding? Toast is a classic. Cereal is just cold soup with chunks of wheat and corn.

ANNA WEGGLE: I am sick of you besmirching my wheat chunks!

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