It’s a good old-fashioned compliment-off! Producers Rosie duPont and Ruby Gutherie are SURE they’ve got what it takes to say the nicest thing to one another. But only one can be the kindest. Grab your Smarty Pass to hear: 2 Nice 2 Handle!

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In this month's bonus game, producers Ruby Guthrie and Rosie DuPont are trying to see who is the kindest person at Brains On headquarters.

- You're the nicest person on the team.

- No way. You are definitely the kindest person in the office. I mean, just last week, you ran 5K to raise awareness for the upcoming 3K.

- OK, true, but you donated all of your Halloween candy four years in a row.

- Well, you spent a summer giving turtles roller skates so they could what it was like to go fast.

- I did do that. But you spent the summer freeing dolphins from fishing lines. Then you taught them how to read and how to believe in themselves. And now, they're all going to Harvard Law on fish scholarships.

- That is kind.

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