Uh oh, Molly is late to a Smash Boom Best taping of Elevators vs. Escalators! But things get worse when she runs into the all-knowing elevator at Brains On HQ, who demands she play a special sneak attack! Will Molly make it to the taping on time?

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In this month's bonus game, I get trapped in the elevator and the only way out is with a sneak attack.

ELEVATOR: Elevators versus escalators?

MOLLY: Yeah.

ELEVATOR: Is it really a debate?

MOLLY: Yes, it is.

ELEVATOR: Isn't it obvious who will win?

MOLLY: I don't know. They're both pretty cool.

ELEVATOR: Wrong answer, Molly.

MOLLY: But elevator--

ELEVATOR: Elevators go faster, higher, and carry more weight than escalators. If you were taking an escalator to the 49th floor, it'd take you forever. Elevators can travel 2,000 feet per minute.


ELEVATOR: Seriously, I am very fast.

MOLLY: Well, maybe you could show me and take me to the 49th floor.

ELEVATOR: Fine. Hold on, Molly.


49th floor.

MOLLY: That was fast, but the ride could have been a little smoother.

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