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Announcer: From the brains behind Brains On!, it's Smash Boom Best.

Carly: The show for people with big opinions.

Molly: I'm your host, Molly Bloom, and you're listening to Smash Boom Best. The show where we take two things, smash them together and ask you to decide which one is best. Today, it's a fabled face-off between two mythical creatures. One is the height of a green bean and the other towers over the whole magic beanstalk, it's fairies versus giants. Only one team in this magical matchup will be crowned the Smash Boom Best. It's going to be a tough call, but luckily Carly is here to help us decide. Hi, Carly.

Carly: Hello.

Molly: Carly, I hear you made a podcast. Can you tell us about it?

Carly: Yes. Sometime last year, as part of my creative writing class, I got together with a friend Ava, and we created a podcast called Students Versus Teachers. We then were able to enter this podcast into the NPR Student Podcast Challenge.

Molly: Students Versus Teachers. What's it about?

Carly: We were thinking about podcast ideas. We eventually decided that, since we both like books, we wanted to find out how teachers choose the books that they're going to have their students in the classroom read.

Molly: That's awesome. Do you have a favorite book, and do any of them happen to have fairies or giants in them?

Carly: I have a million favorite books. One of my favorites is Keeper of the Lost Cities and it doesn't have fairies or giants in it.

Molly: What's it about?

Carly: It's about elves and a girl who finds out that she's an elf and she has all these magical powers.

Molly: Elves seem a fairy adjacent. Carly, when I say fairy, what comes to mind?

Carly: Honestly, a small sparkly creature that does good things for other people.

Molly: What do you associate with giants?

Carly: It makes me think of the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Molly: Do you already have any opinions about which of these make-believe beings is cooler?

Carly: I do like fairies, but I'll try to keep an open mind.

Molly: Alright. Let's meet our debaters. Here to defend team fairies, it's journalist Tarkor Zehn. Hi, Tarkor.

Tarkor Zehn: Hello.

Molly: Thank you for being here today. Tarkor, in a single sentence, why are fairies the Smash Boom Best?

Tarkor: It's very simple. Fairies make dreams come true, period.

Molly: That's a good argument. Here to represent giants, it's comedian, Katie McVay.

Katie McVay: Hi.

Molly: Katie, in one sentence, why are giants cooler than fairies?

Katie: Giants are a metaphorical representation of the boundless energy of the human spirit, period.

Molly: Dreams, energy, this is going to be an excellent debate. Let's review the rules of the game. Round one is the Declaration of Greatness. Using facts, logic, and stellar storytelling, our debaters will present the most persuasive arguments for their side. After each declaration, the opposing team will have 30 seconds to rebut their opponent's statement. Then we've got the Micro-Round, a creative challenge each side has prepared for in advance. Round three is the Sneak Attack, a surprise challenge debaters will respond to on the spot. To top it all off, we've got The Final Six. In this round, each team will have just six words to make a closing case for their side.

Our judge, Carly, will award two points in the first round, one for the best Declaration of Greatness and one for the best rebuttal. Then she'll award one point in each round after that, but she won't tell us who she's voted for until the end of the show. Listeners, we want you to judge too. Grab a pen and a piece of paper and mark down your points as you listen. When the episode is over, visit our website,, and vote for the team that you think won. Everybody, you ready to get mythical?

Carly: Yes.

Katie: Yes.

Tarkor: Let's do it.

Molly: Then it's time for the Declaration of Greatness. Our debaters will present the most fascinating facts and awesome arguments in favor of their side. We flipped a coin and Tarkor, you're up first. It's time for a Declaration of Greatness for fluttering, fanciful fairies.

Tarkor: When we think of fairies, so many images come to mind. There’s Tinkerbell, the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella, the Good Fairies of Sleeping Beauty. Sugar Plum fairies! Navi in Legend of Zelda! FernGully! The Winx Club! Cosmo and Wanda! But perhaps the most well known... is the tooth fairy!


Tarkor: While you’re fast asleep, the tooth fairy is on a super stealthy mission. Getting! That! Tooth!

Tooth Fairy: Confirmed. We’ve got one under the pillow. Looking like a left canine. I’m going in! Over! 

Tarkor: With slick skill and great ease, the tooth fairy swaps your molar for cold hard cash!

Tooth Fairy: Tooth acquired. Swapping for a crisp George Washie. Mission accomplished!

Tarkor: A creature that mysteriously breaks into your house and gives YOU money?! I mean come on! Has a giant ever snuck under your pillow and given you money? Could you imagine?

(crash and scream)

Giant: I’m just trying to get your tooth! It’s so hard to pick up with my big ol’ fingers. (sigh)

Tarkor: Yeah a tooth giant? I don’t think so. While giants are fee fi fo fumbling all over the place, fairies are making dreams come true.


Tarkor: Just like the Tooth Fairy, most of these precious pixies are using their magical powers for good. There’s the Blue Fairy who helped Pinocchio become a real boy.

In Cinderella, the Fairy Godmother rescues the princess and gives her the ULTIMATE makeover. She’s turning pumpkins into carriages! Mice to men! Rags to riches!

(BIBBIDI-BOBBIDI-BOO song from Cinderlla)

Tarkor: And who could forget Tinkerbell?

She’s got everything. The perfect messy bun, a sassy attitude, and a whole lotta magical pixie dust that can make you FLY! Not to mention...she’s the one saving Peter Pan and the other kids from grave danger!

Not all fairies look like Tink though. Fairies are magical creatures, human-sized or smaller. They’re often described as spirits, falling somewhere between divine beings and mortals. While we typically think of them as these teensy, dainty, and charming winged-beings, fairies have RANGE, and include nymphs, sprites, elves and goblins. 

There were Brownies, English house fairies who helped with chores -- Although they were known to make mischief and rearrange your room from time to time. 

Person: Hey...since when did my dresser turn upside down?

Tarkor: Or take the Irish banshee, one of the most feared fairies. Described as a shrieking woman with long dark hair and red eyes, the ominous banshee prophesied looming death.

(Banshee howl)

Tarkor: Regardless of their form, fairies are always moving the plot FORWARD. They dominate storytelling! After all, they’re called FAIRY Tales… not GIANT Tales. In fact, the word Fairy comes from the latin word Fay, meaning “fate”. Fate is when something happens out of your control, the inevitable unfolding of life! And it makes perfect sense, right? Despite often being the side character, fairies are usually the ones spicing up the story.

Think about Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer's Night Dream, where the fairy Puck causes all sorts of shenanigans-- from mixing up love potions to turning a man’s head into a donkey. Puck’s mischief creates hilarious chaos.

Without fairies, the play would just be a dull story about four unhappy greek lovers. 

BOR-ING! And that would be the case for SO many other stories. Let’s revisit Cinderella without fairies...Oh little ol’ Cindy is still trapped with her evil step-mother washing the floors? Bummer. 

Peter Pan? Good luck finding Neverland when Tinkerbell can’t help you FLY!

Fairies COMPLETE the fantasy darling.

Beyond storybooks, movies, and plays, fairies are cultural icons. Take the huldufólk, aka the hidden people, a population of elusive elves believed to live throughout the volcanic hills of Iceland. They’re described as human-like creatures, both in looks and stature, although they can be as small as a few centimeters. They act like humans too! They farm, row boats, and they even have sheriffs! 

They’re even a part of various holiday customs-- like the Christmas Eve tradition where Icelanders clean their homes and leave food for the huldufolk. After snacking, the elves were known to sneak into the farmhouses and throw absolute ragers.


Tarkor: The huldufolk are well-respected, and sometimes feared--much like Iceland’s rugged landscape. The elves’ lore speaks to Icelanders’ profound respect for their environment--including their hidden neighbors. Whether or not you believe in the huldufolk--or any other fairy for that matter-- they give us space to stay curious and dream big.

From entertaining us, sparking our imaginations, or inspiring a bit of magic, one thing is for sure...Giants are no match for fairies. I mean what do they even do? Plunder villages? Snack on humans? Riddle me this-- what does fee fi fo fum even mean?!

Giant: Uh...Um...No one knows what it means but it’s provocative.

Tarkor: Whatever. For all I care, giants can get bibbidi bobbidi BOOPED!

Molly: Tarkor moving it forward for the versatile fairy. Carly, what stood out to you in Tarkor's Declaration of Greatness?

Carly: I really like how you included the traditions that have to do with fairies.

Molly: Katie, it's time for your rebuttal. You've got 30 seconds to squash your competition and your time starts now.

Katie: It won't take any time at all. A question was raised at the beginning of Tarkor's Declaration of Greatness, which is why is this fairy collecting human teeth, and yet, the question was never answered. First strike against the fairy population. Second, I can't help but notice that this declaration didn't include some pretty controversial fairy facts that I learned in my fairy research, which is that fairies were frequently blamed for outbreaks of tuberculosis. I'll have you know —

Molly: Time. (chuckles)

Tarkor: I need you to cite your sources, honey.

Molly: (laughs)

Katie: It's Wikipedia.


Molly: I think you had more to say, Katie.

Katie: I always do.


Molly: Well, now, it's your turn. We want to know why giants deserve to be crowned the Smash Boom Best.

Katie: Giants are the most important mythological creature there is. Don’t believe me? OK, imagine a world without them.

Let’s check on Jack and his beanstalk.

JACK: Well, I’ve climbed the beanstalk. Let’s see what’s up here…. 


JACK: And… nothing. There’s nothing here. OK. Back down we go.

Katie: Harry Potter?

HAGRID: ‘Ello ‘arry, it’s me ‘Agrid with your invitation to ‘ogwartz. (POOF)

HARRY: Was someone here? Guess not. Well, I suppose I’ll never go to magical school, which I don’t even know about, now.

Katie: And don’t forget football!

SPORTS ANNOUNCER: Quarterback Daniel Jones is running down the field and it’ll be another point for… (POOF) Um, what’s this team called? 

Katie: Giants are important. In fact, in many cultures, giants feature heavily in stories about the beginning of the world, and what could be more important than that?!

For example, in Micronesia, there’s a story about a giant named Rigi, who was tasked with lifting the sky off the earth. 

RIGI: They aren’t paying me enough for this.

Katie: It was so hard that right after he did it, he died and his body came apart. His torso and head became the Milky Way, and his legs became all the worms in the world.

RIGI: Yeesh.

You also have Atlas in Greek mythology. After being on the losing side in a war of the gods, he was sentenced to hold up the entire world on his shoulders for eternity. 

ZEUS: OK, Atlas. You hold up the world. Forever.

ATLAS: No vacation???

ZEUS: Hmm. Good point. One vacation.

ATLAS: One?!

ZEUS: See ya!

Katie: And, in Chinese mythology, Pangu grew six feet a day as he carved the world and, after his toil, his body became the universe. 

See? Giants help us tell BIG stories. They also represent the big parts of humanity. Whether we’re talking about humanity’s love of big laughs or big scares, there’s a giant for it all!

Take Bobalicón for example. He’s a Spanish ogre whose name translates to “Silly Idiot.” He was a terrifying giant, who was always hungry and also incredibly easy to fool. 


KID: Hey, look over there!

BOBALICON: Where? Aw, man. Another meal lost.

Katie: But not all giants are funny and easy to fool. Some are just scary. In the 1830s, parents used giants, like the Red-Legged Scissor-Man, to scare their kids into behaving. It was said that this  guy would cut off your thumb if you sucked it. 

Being a kid in 1830 does not sound fun! But don’t blame giants for that. Giants are capable of change. The demonic Japanese giant Kojin was a huge female ogre with thousands of arms, who used to crush kids. But after a good talking-to, she began to protect them instead.

KOJIN: Come to Kojin! I want to crush you… into a hug.

KID: Um… thank you?

Katie: Heh! See? Whatever the story, giants are out there bringing humanity’s huge imagination to life. 

They also teach BIG lessons. Like don’t get too big for your britches! 

Remember the story of David and Goliath? In the traditional story, tiny David defeats giant Goliath with a single stone. All because Goliath is so confident he’ll win.

GOLIATH: You’ll never beat me! I’m huge! And you’re tiny.

DAVID: Let’s see about that, Goliath.

Katie: David hits Goliath with a rock right between the eyes, knocks him down, and teaches him a lesson -- that just cuz he’s big -- doesn’t mean he’s always gonna be a winner.

Finally, giants remind us of the majesty of the natural world. For example, in Ireland, there’s a formation of huge volcanic rock, enormous gray columns thrust out of the ground. The tallest one is 39 feet tall, which is like stacking three elephants on top of one another. Really wild stuff. And what do people call that formation? The Giant’s Causeway. Ancient Irish people thought that the rocks must have been part of a huge road built for giants. 

The world can be a confusing and rather large place and giants help us make sense of that. What is a mountain if not a giant’s bed? Who built the world if not some being, much, much larger than ourselves? Giants are important. I mean after all, they’re GIANT. 

Molly: Katie with a massively marvelous argument for giants. Carly, I'm wondering what stood out to you about Katie's argument?

Carly: I really like how you included that giants can change because I think sometimes giants get a really bad rap.

Molly: Tarkor, I'm sure you have some thoughts to share. It's time for your 30-second rebuttal, any gargantuan gaps in team giant's declaration? Your time starts now.

Tarkor: Yeah, I just love how you left out how they're human eaters. You can't even be friends with giants because they might eat you. You're just chilling and all of a sudden, "Ha, ha, ha got your nose. It's a little chewy. Hand me a little salt and butter." Imagine you playing mini-golf one day and all of a sudden you're a chicken wing. It doesn't really go. Fairies are a sidekick, they're there to help you to make your dreams come true, to make sure you're cute. Giants just want to have you for breakfast, and lunch, and dinner.

Molly: Time.

Katie: Sorry, I like to live on the edge, Tarkor.


Katie: I like a little danger with my friendship.


Molly: Carly, it's time to award your first two points, one for the best declaration, the other for the most robust rebuttal. You get to decide who had a stronger argument. Did one team wow you with facts? Did the other make you laugh more? Who told the coolest stories? The criteria is up to you, make a decision but don't tell us which side you're going for. That's one point for whoever had the best Declaration of Greatness and one point for whoever had the best rebuttal. Have you awarded your points?

Carly: Yes, I have.

Molly: Excellent. Katie and Tarkor, how are you feeling so far?

Katie: Confidence of a 12-foot man.

Molly: (laughts) Tarkor, how are you feeling?

Taka: I feel amazing. I feel like Tinkerbell.

Molly: Wonderful, ready to fly. Alright. It's time for a quick break. Wiggle your wings, snack on a civilian, whatever you need to do.

Carly: We'll be right back with more Smash Boom Best.


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Taylor Lincoln: Hey, Todd, thanks for the introduction.

Todd: I don't have the words to describe all of your awesomeness. Not only are you an awesome friend, you also just won-- Tell them, tell them.

Taylor: I just won my 10,000th debate.

Todd: It was incredible. Taylor dodged fallacies. She had the audience in tears, burned down the straw man arguments.

Taylor: Well, I learned from the best, Todd. We've been training so hard because we have some big news. Do you want to tell them? You sure? Todd and I've entered the Grandmaster Debate Cup and we're going to find out if we got in any day now.

Todd: Yeah. I am so nervous. I've been wearing this red shirt for six days.

Taylor: What?

Todd: Yes, all the great debaters that ever got into this competition have been spotted wearing red shirts. I figure I have to get in if I wear this amazing red polo.

Taylor: Todd, you know, better than that. That's the correlation without causation fallacy. It's when two things seem connected but have no effect on each other, like saying it always rains after you drink Kool-Aid or there'll be more winter if the groundhog sees its shadow.

Todd: But all the past winners wear red shirts.

Taylor: It may seem like that but getting into the competition is based on your skill. The shirts are just a coincidence.

Todd: Gotcha! You passed my pop quiz. She shoots, she scores, she catches another fallacy in the wild. You're such a great debater, Taylor.

Taylor: (chuckles) Classic Todd, always finding creative ways to help me sharpen my debate skills. You're the hot to my sauce.

Todd: Thanks, Taylor. I'm so glad we're doing this together.

(door knocks)

Todd: That's the mail carrier. Will you answer? I'm too nervous. She might have news about the debate cup.

Taylor: Sure thing. Hey, no matter what happens, good luck.

Todd: You too.

Taylor: And we’ll catch you later debate heads.

Todd: When we're both on our way to the Grandmaster Debate Cup.

Taylor: Don't jinx yourself, Todd. On

Both: State of Debate.


Molly Bloom: You're listening to Smash Boom Best. I'm your host, Molly Bloom.

Carly: I'm your judge, Carly.

Molly: One of my favorite things about this show is all the amazing debate ideas we get from listeners like you. Check out this awesome debate suggestion from Ellie in Dallas, Texas.

Ellie: My debate idea is ketchup versus mustard.

Molly: We'll check back with Ellie at the end of this episode to see which condiment she thinks is the coolest.

Carly: Now, it's back to our debate of the day, fairies versus giants.

Molly: That's right. It's time for round two. The Micro-Round. Katie and Tarkor, we are calling this Micro-Round: The Dating Game. For this challenge, you responded to the question, "What's your idea of the perfect first date?" Convince us you're the one. Tarkor went first late time, so Katie, you're up. Woo us with some giant date ideas.

Katie: Hi, I’m Gertie the Giant. Nice to meet you. Personally, I think a giant is definitely who you want to date. I can think of a HUGE range of options for our night on the town. 

Speaking of ranges, my first date idea is to go to Hawaii. Oh, you live across the country from Hawaii? No problem. I can step across the continental United States in approximately four strides. Plus, I don’t charge baggage fees. 

After that, I’d take you to my Hawaiian hideaway. I’d use my volcano/stove to cook you up a giant pot of spaghetti. 

And then, we could spend some time in a pool. I don’t have a pool right now, but I’m a giant so it’d be pretty easy to make one. I’d just hit the ground really hard with my fist and — boom! — in-ground pool ready to be filled with chlorinated water. And if you need help reaching anything on a high shelf? I’m your gal!

So, yeah, you should go on a date with me, Gertie the Giant. Life is too short to not have a big romance.

Molly: (laughs) That sounds like an amazing time with Gertie the giant. All right, Tarkor. We are ready to be dazzled. Tell us about your fairy favorite ideas for a first date.

Tarkor:  I may only be six inches tall… Ok five and three-quarters. But this pixie packs a punch! Despite these wings, I’m very grounded. I’m not expecting anything with too many frills. Just give me a botanical garden...behind a tropical to a sycamore tree. You know, keep it casual!

We can skip over lily pads while chasing the sunset…*cough* on a yacht. I’ve heard those palm leaf ones are to DIE for! (excited squeal)

I just want an excuse to serve a LEWK. Category is...Cottage Core REALNESS. I’ve got my best flowing, floral-print dress, body glitter galore, and I’m ready to STOMP in my petal platforms!

We can share a candle lit dinner, eat soup out of acorns, and stare longingly into each other's eyes as we split a single raspberry for dessert. And when dinner’s over, I know the perfect spot to wind down.

Off the Florida Keys there’s a place called Kokomo.That’s where you want to go to get away from it all. We’ll be falling in love to the rhythm of a steel drum band down in Kokomo...


Molly: That fairy got carried away. Carly, what stood out to you in our debaters' Micro-Rounds?

Carly: I really liked the giants' point that you can go many places in a very short amount of time.

Molly: Excellent. What about the fairies' date, what sounded appealing there?

Carly: I liked how it was just casual, like soft nature scenes, and seemed very calming and relaxing.

Molly: Excellent. It's time to award a point. Again, the criteria is up to you. Don't tell us who you're voting for. Have you decided?

Carly: Yes.

Molly: Awesome. Then it's time for our third round, the super stealthy Sneak Attack. I hope you're feeling thrifty, Tarkor and Katie because today's Sneak Attack is Rummage Sale. We want you to pretend that your side is hosting a garage sale and looking to sell some old belongings. Describe two marvelous items in detail and sell them to us. Why are you getting rid of them? What makes them totally worth it? What price do you want us to pay? Sound good?

Katie: Sounds great.

Tarkor: Woo! Ok, I'm ready.

Molly: We'll give you a few minutes to come up with your sales pitches. While you work, we'll listen to some melodious hold music.


Fairies dance through the night

Filled with mischief and delight

Casting spells with their magic wands

Crash, bang, boom

That person's big

Well, she's a Giant

And she's wearing a wig?

She may look scary

But she wants to be your friend.

Molly: Tarkor, You're up first. Tell us about your prized pixie possessions.

Tarkor: Well, I have the cutest little pair of wings. Nothing is wrong with them, I just outgrew them. I grew about 2.6 centimeters. Yes, I did. The little wings that I have are just a little too small but they still work perfectly fine. You can attach them to something and carry little items around like Matilda, put the wings on a spoon and have the spoon fly over into your mouth.

Molly: Clever.

Tarkor: Of course you want some wings. I have the entire bag of pixie dust about the size of your nail. Right? I know. But it's pixie dust so it never ends. You can rub it around, you can turn it into shea butter. You can turn it into glitter. Who needs body glitter when you have pixie dust? Add a little dust in your hair, shine it up a little bit. All the great things that pixie dust does.

Carly: So glad we stumbled across this tiny little fairy rummage sale. Ok, Katie. You're up next. What's the low down on your ginormous goods?

Katie: Absolutely. I am here holding probably the largest yard sale in America today. Does the yard sale only has two items? Absolutely. We got a Reebok sneaker. The bidding will start at $5. It was once fit for a stylish but practical giant but is now fit to be the home of any fairytale woman with 12 children. Old MacDonald, I think I heard you say you had an old woman who needed a new shoe? Maybe this shoe could be hers. Again, we're starting the bidding at $5. Another one of our $5 items at this two-item yard sale is one Champion sweatshirt.

Now, not only are you going to look stylish like a champion in this sweatshirt but it is also the latest innovation in green housing. You have heard of thermal curtains. Well, what about just encasing your home in one sweatshirt? Have you thought about that? It's LEED certified gold. All right. Each item is $5. I start the bidding now.

Molly: (chuckles) That giant loved athletic wear but doesn't need it anymore. Carly. Think about which storybook sale impressed you the most and give that team a point. Again, criteria totally up to you. Which items would like to buy? Which were more creative? Which made you giggle? Have you made your decision?

Carly: Yes, I have.

Molly: Great. It's time for our very last round. The Final Six. Katie, you've got just six words to make a final impression on Carly here. Let's hear them.

Katie: Giants. Metaphorical world builders and nightmares.

Molly: That took a little turn. I enjoyed it. Tarkor, your turn. What is your final six?

Tarkor: Giants are big, funktified fairies fly.

Molly: This is a tough decision. Carly, we've had quite the adventure today, teeming with tales both big and small. Before we close the book on this debate, it's time to award our final point and crown one of these abnormally-sized creatures the Smash Boom Best. Carly, have you made your final decision?

Carly: Yes, I have decided.

Molly: Tally up those points. Drum roll, please. The winner is--

Carly: Fairies.

Tarkor: Yeah!

Katie: (groans)


Katie: I want to give a giant-sized reaction.

Tarkor: Great choice.

Carly: It was really close. I choose fairies by one point. I thought both sides presented a good argument.

Tarkor: Katie, I think you did a fantabulous job. You low-key made me like giants a little bit.

Katie: Wow. That is a huge complement from a woman with such small creatures in her back pocket.


Katie: Tarkor, I have to say. It probably is the funniest declaration of greatness I've heard in many a year. You made my fairytales come true in terms of I was laughing ever after. Additionally, I have to say, you really got the vibe of the fairy across in a way that made me think maybe I would hang out with a fairy instead of avoiding them at a party.

Molly: (laughs)

Katie: So, congratulations.

Tarkor: Oh my gosh. Thank you. I think we should be friends, fairy friends.

Katie: I would love that.

Molly: I love a heart-warming fairytale ending. (music) That's it for today's debate battle. Carly crowned Fairies the Smash Boom Best. What about you?

Carly: Head to and vote to tell us who you think should win.

Molly: Smash Boom Best is brought to you by Brains On! and the American public media.

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Molly: Rosie duPont is the voice of our hold music and our announcer is Marley Feuerwerker-Otto. We want to give a special thanks to Kunsang Dorjee, Jack Silvernagle, Sarah Larsen, and Naomi Cowen. Katie, is there anyone you want to thank today?

Katie: Yes. I would like to thank the Los Angeles Public Library for providing me with books on giants that I could read and I would also like to thank both San Francisco and New York state for having athletic teams named after giants.

Molly: (laughs) How about you Tarkor, any special shoutouts?

Tarkor: I would like to thank my Mama for actually making me fairy-sized. I'm a very tiny person with big energy so I think that's what pulled through the win for today.

Molly: Carly, do you want to give any special thanks?

Carly: Yes. I would like to thank my Mom too and my friend, Ava.

Molly: Awesome. Before we go, let's hear who Ellie thinks should win in her ketchup versus mustard debate.

Ellie: I think that ketchup would win because I personally put it on more things than I do mustard and ketchup features a delicious food, tomatoes.

Molly: Do you have an idea for a knockdown drag-out debate? Head to and tell us about it. We'll be back with a new debate battle next week.

Carly: Goodbye!

Katie: Catch you later!

Tarkor: Bye!